the wilder side of Country Willie

This is a bit against the grain, but worth sharing. Someone decided to make a video for an old recording by Country Willie. Not sure if this was with his band The Cosmic Debris or with Moonhammer, but it’s pretty crazy either way. This is certainly not the Country Willie we are all used to. (Willie comes in just after the 1 minute mark. I tried to skip the beginning, but WordPress didn’t like that link, I guess.)


Joey Allcorn

Joey Allcorn stopped by the studio while driving across the country to play one of those high-dollar shows you drive all the way across the country to play. We talked about the new album he’s working on, about his work with Hank III, about Joey arguing to the US House of Representatives against increases in royalty fees for internet radio, and about country music. It’s rare to get the chance to see Joey live so if you get the chance, take it. You can, however, buy his album 50 Years Too Late anywhere fine music is sold. Listen to his music and you’ll see where the name of that CD came from. Joey play old-school real-deal country music, and plays it well.


Here’s the session we recorded while he was in town:


Whiskey Shivers


I first heard the Whiskey Shivers when my partner El Demento & I went to see Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys play a show a few months ago. Whiskey Shivers were the opening band and they left an impression on me. They are very energetic on stage and really just exceptional performers and musicians. El Demento called them soon after to book a session and before you know it we were all gathered ’round, shooting the breeze and getting ready to record. I guess to just put it out there up front that they have some serious chops, the very first song had pretty some pretty intense pickin’. Then they stepped it back a bit, seemingly having proven whatever they wanted to prove, and treated us to some great songs.

So see these guys when they come through your town. They’re a hoot!


Here’s a link to the session they did with us:


Crazy music videos? Check.

The White Ghost Shivers


We’ve done several sessions with the White Ghost Shivers over the last ten years. What a crazy bunch of ne’er-do-wells these folks are! Anytime I’ve ever seen them play live, the place has always ended up in almost a riot by the end of it. That may not sound like the best time to some of you, but when you’re in the middle of all the craziness it sure is fun. You never know just what the hell is going to happen at a Shivers show, but you’ll certainly have stories to tell if you remember any of it.

Long story short, this is very catchy music played by wonderful people who have a great time making sure that you’re doing the same. Go see ’em, and don’t forget to contribute to the general chaos and anarchy when you’re at their show!

Here’s the last set they did with us, featuring some new and unreleased material unavailable elsewhere:


A preview of the madness:

Wood & Wire


Wood & Wire hand only been a band for about a year and a half at this point, but there is quite a bit of momentum behind these four guys and their sound. They have an album coming out next month, but if you go see one of the shows they’re playing with the Yonder Mountain String Band you can buy a pre-release copy and not have to wait. The New Folk Revival camp will be seeing that spectacle in March when they bring the show to Stubb’s Barbecue with Yonder. Wood & Wire have been kind enough to stop by several times to play for us. We try to make sure there’s plenty of bourbon to go around when we know these guys are coming!


Anyhow, here’s the most recent session we recorded with them:


The early-morning extended (15-song) session they played for us at Camp Goodtimes at the Old Settler’s Festival in 2012:


Here’s the session we recorded with them in March 2012 for SXSW:


Here’s a bit of video from that Goodtimes set done in the wee hours:

James Hand


James Hand was about to put out his critically acclaimed album Mighty Lonesome Man when he stopped by to play a set for us. We invited his record label to come hang out for the session and they brought the proofs for the album artwork to show James. He looked and nodded his approval, and that’s about most of what you’ll get out of James much of the time. He’s a very polite, extremely nice, and soft-spoken Southern gentleman. Once you put a mic in front of his face and a guitar in his hands he’s not quite so shy, though.

James’s music is a return to much more traditional country music than most of what you hear on the radio these days. It’s refreshing to hear real country music that hasn’t been Nashvilled to death! Jame’s album is available to purchase on all of the digital services, and you can buy the record on vinyl at


Here’s a link to the set James played for us:


You want to hear some REAL DEAL country music? Here you go:


New Country Rehab


New Country Rehab is everywhere these days. If they haven’t toured through your town recently, then surely you’re on an upcoming leg of their seemingly endless tour. While they were in town they took time to record some tunes with us, and also to play music for us while we swam in Onion Creek on a lazy afternoon. I don’t think I’ve ever had live entertainment while swimming before, but I sure hope to have it again!


Here’s the set they recorded with us:


Here’s the video they shot while hanging out in the creek: